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Award-winning multimedia artist and former stand-up comedian Deena Goldstein pens her debut memoir “OK, Little Bird”. Deena’s artwork has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions, receiving numerous honors for her original acrylics. Now “Little Bird” shares the unique, irreverent and touching relationship with her quirky, loveable cowboy father. Deena’s flair for humor and all things offbeat makes this book a memorable debut.

OK, Little Bird is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a variety of independent booksellers nationwide.




Final Soft Cover OLB 12-20-21 copy.jpg
Final Soft Cover OLB 12-20-21 copy.jpg

OK, Little Bird


....a bigger-than-life father and an unforgettable father-daughter connection - a journey of laughter, unconditional life, loss and inspiration...



In the world of Little Bird, three siblings experience the same father differently. Navigating stringent rules, cantankerous family dinners, unfiltered commentaries, and lots of love, OK, Little Bird takes the reader on a bouncy ride from laughter to tears.


Everything is funny till a seemingly invincible father succumbs to a terminal illness amidst the Covid19 pandemic. Little Bird sets out to make things ok for her father one last time. Through a lifetime of wry banter, voicemails, letters and bad gifts, fly with Little Bird as she learns that even in the worst of times, the gem of laughter is the best coping tool of all.

In a group home, nestled in a residential Scottsdale neighborhood, Little Bird holds the unresponsive hand of her bigger-than-life father. This is the first time in her life she is helpless to make her father laugh or feel good. The youngest of three, once the freckle-faced, shrill little girl, she becomes Little Bird six weeks prior to her father’s death. This remarkable memoir takes the reader on a poignant ride of her father's untouchable powder keg personality. Untouchable for everyone, except Little Bird. 


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"..Laced with equal amounts of wit and grief, OK LITTLE BIRD sings with optimism and hope and the recognition that death is not the last word.                                          Herb Paine, Theater and Film Critic  

"I’m so impressed at the beauty of Deena’s prose and her courage in handling such an emotive subject so candidly. Her love for her father shines through on every page. It also opens an informative window on the importance of father/daughter relationships."

                  Dee MacDonald - Author of The Runaway Wife

"Prepare to laugh and experience lumps in your throat as the author takes you on her journey of her childhood, college, marriage, family gatherings and lastly a group home during a pandemic. The author’s tribute to her father is heartfelt ....a must won’t put this down until you are finished."  BH


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